• Business interruption
  • Catastrophes-natural or man-made
  • Banking/Jewelers
  • Computer losses
  • Money
  • Aviation
  • Agricultural


  • Public liability/Third Party liability
  • Employer’s liability/Workmen’s Compensation
  • Product liability
  • Carriers liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Fidelity Guarantee

  • Personal accident and sickness
  • Travel/Medical

  • Fire and special perils
  • All risks
  • Plant losses
  • Defects in design, workmanship, and materials
  • Consequential losses
  • Security and site surveys
  • About Us


    • We cover the entire Philippines, from the northern-most tip of Batanes down to the southern end of Jolo.

    • Our experience and expertise of more than 50 years has earned us a reputation for excellence based on professionalism, impartiality, and integrity.

    • We offer prompt action, accurate appraisals, and expert handling of insurance claims.

    • We offer a full range of services in FIRE & ITS ALLIED LINES, CASUALTY, and MARINE INSURANCE.

    • Our adjusters, surveyors, and office staff are competent, well trained, and highly skilled.

    • We have a long-standing commitment to quality, efficiency, third-party objectivity, and the highest standards of service.

    • Our association with GAB ROBINS U.K. and former association with McLARENS, CABINET CERUTTI, LOWE & CERUTTI, INSURANCE CLAIMS INVESTIGATION SERVICE CO., LTD.,W.E. COX (RECOVERIES) LTD., SERI Experts and CEEMIS demands us to keep with the international standards of claims investigation and adjusting techniques and allows us to interact with the best minds in the industry.

    • Our affiliations include: Member, International Institute Of Loss Adjusters, Inc. (IILA) Member, Association of Philippine Adjustment Companies (APAC) Member, Philippine Institute Of Loss Adjusters (PILA)

    • We are listed in Best’s Directory of Recommended Insurance Adjusters & Attorneys, and in the Directory of the International Institute of Loss Adjusters, Inc.



    Chartered Adjusters was founded in 1965 by Aristeo L. Lat, Sr. to handle the investigation, appraisal, inspection, adjustment, and specialized service needs of insurers. He envisioned that this company would adhere to only the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and quality service.

    Over the past 50 years, Chartered Adjusters has built a national reputation for excellence based on professionalism and impartiality, with its dedication to honesty, integrity, and quality service. The company has accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise in handling various insurance claims, from casualty to marine, to property and liability claims, liaising with various specialists depending on the circumstances of each case. It has kept abreast with the latest claims investigation and adjustment techniques, as well as the latest technological advances through continuous training and education, and upgrading of management systems.

    Since 1985, Chartered Adjusters, has liaised with the various loss adjusters abroad such as McLarens, Cabinet Cerutti SA, Lowe & Cerutti, Insurance Claims Investigation Service Co., Ltd. of Japan, W.E. Cox (Recoveries) Ltd, Seri Experts, and now GAB ROBINS. We also act as surveyors for CEEMIS and Lumley. These ongoing partnerships have enabled both Chartered Adjusters and its foreign associates to combine high technical and international standards with intimate knowledge of local Philippine conditions, allowing them to process claims more expediently and effectively.

    Chartered Adjusters is a member of the Association of Philippine Adjustment Companies (APAC), International Institute of Loss Adjusters (IILA), Philippine Institute of Loss Adjusters (PILA). We are also listed in the BEST’s Recommended Insurance Adjusters.

    Today, as it enters its 50 years of service, Chartered Adjusters reaffirm its commitment to integrity, professionalism, and service excellence. And with its ongoing partnership with foreign associates, it aims to continue providing comprehensive coverage on both local and international levels.


                Over the years, Chartered Adjusters, Inc., has prided itself on its ability to keep up with the latest technological advances, claims handling techniques, and management systems, and to influence the trends in the adjustment industry. 


                 Computerized since 1979, Chartered Adjusters, Inc., continues to upgrade its computer systems to facilitate speedy claims handling and reporting.  Our e-mail account enables us to transmit messages and reports across the metropolis and across the globe with a single click of a button, while our Internet account gives us a wealth of information right at our fingertips.

                Just recently, our web-based program for online claims filing and status verification went operational.  The electronic claims management tool is seen to improve the efficiency in the way the company handles the assigned claims and more importantly, to cultivate a closer working relationship with the client/insurer.

                Utilizing the functionality of the Internet, online claims filing and status verification is made not only easier, and faster but they can also be done right in the comfort of the user’s desk or office.

                More than the honor of being the first among the adjustment companies in the Philippines to offer such services, the pioneering endeavor is Chartered Adjuster’s way of serving its valued clients better and helping the insurance industry.


         Chartered Adjusters, Inc., believes that its business success depends first and foremost on the satisfaction of its clients.  With the application of total quality management in all aspects of its operations, we are striving for maximum efficiency, productivity, and service excellence.  But more importantly, our goal is this: fair and fast claims adjustment and settlement.




    P R O P E R T Y      C L A I M S


    In our more than 50 years in the business, we have handled a multitude of property losses as well as various business interruption claims. Through the years, we have been continuously honing our craft by taking courses and attending seminars in loss adjustment and related fields.

    We have undertaken Risks Surveys and Hazard Survey Inspections for NAPOCOR power plants all over the Philippines.  This undertaking is part of the NAPOCOR Loss Control Program for the year 1994.  The Loss Control Programme was intended to be comprised of four (4) concurrent activities, namely:  Risk Survey, Self Inspection, Hazard Survey, and Incident Reporting/Analysis.

    We handled a big property damage claim with business interruption consequent of fire at the Wood Preparation Plant of PICOP in Bislig, Surigao del Sur. 

    In a separate instance, we also handled PICOP's claim on business interruption consequent upon Machinery Breakdown.  This claim involved a Toshiba 20MW steam turbine generating set, part of the power-generating equipment of PICOP.


    M A R I N E      C L A I M S

    Over the past 50 years that our marine department has been in operation, we have gained invaluable experience and expertise in handling cargo surveys and marine claims.  Our services have expanded to include the following:

    (a)  Superintendence Survey
    (b)   General Cargo Survey
    (c)   Liquid Bulk Cargo Survey
    (d)  Dry Bulk Cargo Survey
    (e)   Warehouse Survey
    (f)   Draft Survey
    (g)   Hull/Machinery Damage Survey
    (h)   Adjustment

    Our surveyors are competent, with more than 50 years experience in general cargo, bulk cargo, and marine hull surveys. 

    We are the nominated surveyors for Atlantis International Services and The People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC).  We are also the exclusive correspondent of UK-based Wakefield Inspection Services in the Philippines. We regularly receive instructions from, among others, the Great American Insurance of New York. 


    C A S U A L T Y      C L A I M S

    During its early years of existence, Chartered Adjusters acquired a reputation for providing quality claims handling service with respect to motor car claims.  Since then, the Chartered casualty portfolio has expanded to include among others the following types of claims:

    (a)   Robbery Claims
    (b)   Fidelity Guarantee Claims
    (c)   Personal Accident Claims
    (d)  Public Liability Claims
    (e)   Workmen's Compensation Claims
    (f)   Motor Car Theft Losses
    (g)  Motor Accident:

    • Own Damage
    • Third Party Property Damage
    • Third Party Bodily Injury/Death Claim

    We have been regularly receiving assignments involving potentially fraudulent claims, wherein insurers and re-insurers ask us to conduct special, discreet background investigations into all aspects of the claim.  On certain occasions, we have been instrumental in uncovering syndicates and alerting insurers to their existence.



    A.  During Discharging Operations

    • Inspection of condition and quantity of cargo
    • Recommendation of Loss and Damage Prevention measures
    • Supervision of cargo discharge and turnover operations
    • Issuance of necessary reports

    B.  Cargo/Consignment while stored at the Piers

    • Arrangement with Arrastre Personnel for the storage of critical cargo inside the Special Cargo Corral
    • Periodic Inspection of shipment during Storage at the Piers
    • Coordination with the Consignee's Custom Brokerage Firm to facilitate early withdrawal and delivery of the cargo
    • Protective supervision of the cargo
    • Monitoring of cargo movement
    • Issuance of status reports

    C.  Cargo Delivery/Withdrawal from the Piers

    • Escorting of cargo to the final designated place of distribution/delivery
    • Compilation of all records of delivery, including Bad Order Certificate, if any
    • Monitoring of cargo movement
    • Protective supervision at all times
    • Issuance of necessary reports

    D.  During Transshipment (if any)

    • Ocular inspection of cargo and issuance of corresponding Inspection Report
    • Surveillance and Monitoring of cargo movement before loading onto transshipment vessel
    • Ascertainment of quantity and condition of cargo loaded on board

    E.  Warehouse Survey

    • Ascertainment of quantity and condition of cargo received at consignee's warehouse
    • Joint Examination and Physical Inventory of delivered cargo with attending consignee’s representative
    • Ascertainment of actual extent of loss and/or damage and pinpointing of possible causes

    ŸIssuance of Final Report


    • Inspection and ascertainment of quantity and condition of cargo at all stages
    • Supervision of handling and discharging operations
    • Compilation of discharging, unloading, and delivery records
    • Joint Examination and Physical Inventory of delivered cargo with the consignee's representative
    • Ascertainment of actual extent of loss and/or damage and pinpointing of possible causes
    • Issuance of necessary reports, together with all compiled documents
    • Inspection of cargo
    • Escorting of cargo from point of origin to destination
    • Joint Examination and Inventory of delivered cargo with Consignee's Representative


    • Ascertainment of quantity and condition of the cargo upon discharge from carrying vessel, during storage inside warehouse, and upon withdrawal from the pier
    • Escorting and supervision of cargo during unloading and storage inside warehouse
    • Final Examination and Inventory of cargo upon release by Customs Storekeeper
    • Issuance of corresponding Waiver of Claim Slips on cargoes without claim
    • Issuance of corresponding Inspection Report on cargoes with claim, indicating the loss and/or damage sustained


    • Inspection prior to discharging operations
    • Draft Survey
    • Supervision of Discharging Operations
    • Supervision during discharging, delivery, and unloading
    • Ascertainment of loss and/or damage and possible causes
    • Compilation of pertinent records and documents
    • Issuance of necessary reports


    • Inspection of would-be carrying conveyances to ascertain its cleanliness, dryness, and fitness to carry the would-be load
    • Inspection of cargo prior to and after loading
    • Soundings of cargo before and after loading
    • Soundings of shore tank and transshipment conveyance to ascertain actual quantity of cargo being loaded
    • Inspection of pipelines before and after loading
    • Supervision of loading and transshipment operations
    • Sampling of cargo for analysis before and after loading
    • Compilation of pertinent documents and records
    • Issuance of final report


    • Inspection of conveyances to be used as transshipment vessels prior to loading, so as to ascertain its cleanliness, dryness, and fitness
    • Inspection of Shipper's Shore Tanks
    • Sampling of cargo for desired analysis prior to and after loading
    • Soundings of shore tanks and transshipment conveyance tanks to ascertain contents prior to and after loading
    • Inspection of pipelines prior to and after loading
    • Escorting and surveillance of cargo at all times
    • Compilation of pertinent documents and records
    • Issuance of final report upon completion of the undertaking


    • Hull inspection for damage
    • Repair cost liaison with repairer
    • Machinery failure inspection
    • Salvage supervision
    • Liability investigation – cause




  • Charter Member of Association of Philippine Adjustment Companies (APAC)
  • Fellow, Philippine Institute of Loss Adjusters (PILA)
  • Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator
  • Member, National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)
  • Member, International Institute of Loss Adjusters (IILA)
  • Member, Integrated Bar of the Philippines
  • Member, PDRCI


    • Empire Insurance Company
    • Liberty Insurance Corp.
    • Fortune General Insurance Company
    • FLT Prime Insurance Corporation
    • Meridian Assurance Corporation
    • Metropolitan Insurance Company, Inc.
    • Paramount Life & General Ins. Corp.
    • Seaboard Eastern Insurance Co, Inc.
    • PGA Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
    • Pioneer Insurance & Surety Corporation
    • Pioneer Intercontinental Insurance Corp.
    • PNB General Insurers Company, Inc.
    • Prudential Guarantee & Assurance Inc.
    • Malayan Insurance Co., Inc.
    • Social Security System
    • Standard Insurance Corporation
    • Intra Strata Assurance Corporation
    • The New India Assurance Company, Ltd.
    • The Solid Guaranty, Inc.
    • UCPB General Insurance Company
    • Far Eastern Surety & Insurance Company
    • MAA General Assurance Phils. Inc.
    • The Manila Insurance Company, Inc.
    • Wakefield Inspection Services
    • Ginebra
    • Trans World Brokerage
    • Trans World Brokerage
    • Heinrich
    • Generali Pilipinas Insurance Company
    • ITS Company Ltd.
    • Mehta and Padamsey







    Rodolfo A. Lat  ABEco, Ll.B., MBA
    President and General Manager

                Charter Member of Association of Philippine Adjustment Companies (APAC)
    Fellow, Philippine Institute of Loss Adjusters (PILA)
    Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator
    Member, National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)
    Member, International Institute of Loss Adjusters (IILA)
    Member, Integrated Bar of the Philippines
    Member, PDRCI

    Atty. Rodolfo Lat obtained his bachelor's degree in Economics and his law degree at the Ateneo de Manila University and his MBA at the University of the Philippines.  He has been with Chartered Adjusters, Inc. since 1972 and has been overseeing operations for the past 41years.

    Atty. Lat took his adjustment training at the Insurance Adjustment School in Miami, Florida. He has also taken various insurance courses at the Philippine Insurance Institute (PII) and the Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific (IIAP).  At present, he is a lecturer for the IIAP.  As a lawyer, he specializes in insurance law.  As an adjuster, his expertise lies in the fields of fire, casualty, and marine adjustment.

    He now handles an extensive portfolio of fire and special perils, motor, marine, and liability losses.  He has also investigated various arson and fraud cases which have led to the successful defense and denial of the claims.  He is involved in contractor's all risks cases, conducting the necessary investigations, and coordinating the findings of consulting engineers.  He also supervises the adjustment of loss of profit claims. Atty. Lat is responsible for the overall performance of Chartered Adjusters, Inc., including the maintenance of professional and ethical standards, staff training, liaison with regional personnel, and promotion of the company's services to insurers and reinsurers.  He completed his Masters degree in Business Administration at the University of the Philippines.


    Cristina Francisco Manumbas
    Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
    Asst. General Manager

                Member, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)

    Cristy Francisco graduated cum laude from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines with a bachelor's degree in Commerce, major in Accounting. She is a licensed certified public accountant (CPA), as well as a licensed adjuster for fire and allied line.
    Ms. Manumbas joined Chartered Adjusters in 1986 as a member of the auditing team, and was subsequently promoted to manager of the Fire Claims Department in 1989. Her expertise lies in the fields of stock loss adjustment, evaluation and adjustment of fire losses with business interruption claims, and evaluation and adjustment of fidelity guarantee claims.

    She has completed training institute programs on loss adjustment, business interruption, machinery breakdown and business interruption, and fire surveying and loss control. She has handled various claims involving BBB policy and Fidelity Guarantee, as well as fire losses involving business interruption, and risk surveying.




    Marina E. Sevilla

    Civil Engineer / Property Adjuster

    Engr. Marina E. Sevilla graduated from the Technological Institute of the Philippines with a degree in Civil Engineering.  She first joined Chartered Adjusters, Inc. in 1987.  However, after getting married in November 1989, she resigned.  In 1998, she joined Chartered Adjusters again as property loss adjuster.

    She has completed training institute programs on loss adjustment, machinery breakdown and business interruption, CAR and EAR, fire surveying, and analysis of fire policy conditions.  Given her civil engineering training, her expertise lies in the fields of adjustment of building, CAR and engineering losses.


    Gerry L. Bergonia
    Mechanical Engineer / Property Adjuster

    Eng’r. Gerry L. Bergonia graduated from the Gregorio Araneta University Foundation (GAUF).  He joined Chartered Adjusters, Inc. in the year 2004.

    He has completed training in basic non-life insurance course at the IIAP.  In 1986, after he graduated from college, he worked as a checker at the Marine Division  of SGS Far East Ltd.  In 1987, he joined Universal Textile Company (UTEX) until it close in 1996.  He worked as a chiller and boiler supervisor.
    Before he joined Chartered Adjusters, Inc., he was connected with Forest Hills Golf & Country Club as electro mechanical technician.


    Atty. Rodolfo A. Lat
    Cristina F. Manumbas
    Maximo “Arnold” Garcia
    Donardo Baltazar



    Raul Milan
    Operations Manager, Marine Department

    Raul Milan has been with Chartered Adjusters as a cargo surveyor for the past 29 years and has acquired extensive experience in the fields of cargo supervision and warehouse survey. 

    He was recently promoted to the position of Operations Manager.



    Jesus Cabuñas
    Eduardo Baltazar
    Deogracias Roque
    Felipe Alidio


    Rodolfo A. Lat

    President and General Manager


    Cristina Francisco Manumbas

    Certified Public Accountant (CPA)/Asst. General Manager

    Gerry L. Bergonia

    Mechanical Engineer / Property Adjuster

    Marina E. Sevilla

    Civil Engineer /Property Adjuster


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